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Family Owned for over 70 Years

Providing Legal Services to Southampton County Families and Beyond

A Proud Family Legal Tradition - Three Generations

Railey & Riley started as a one-lawyer form in 1948 by Richard E. Railey, Sr. Today, it is operated by Richard E. Railey, Jr. and Richard E. Railey, III. To learn about each of them, simply click on their name.

  • Railey & Railey Statement of Core Values  

    • Honesty · Competency · Professionalism · Commitment

    • For three generations, this firm has held the belief that we were put on this earth to serve the people of our community and the general public good. We are devoted servants who care deeply about applying strong principles of ethical conduct in order to serve our society to our fullest potential and theirs. We strive to treat everyone in a friendly and courteous manner, upholding the highest traditions of our profession.

Defending Your Rights

Our attorneys are experienced and highly skilled - the type of caring people you need on your side when things go wrong.

Experienced - Professional - Personal

Expertise and professionalism are expected of every law firm, period! We have both, but we throw in a large dose of caring on top of it. We pride ourselves on our communications skills, giving us the ability to relate to our clients, and them to us. If you need someone to hold your hand, we sure will.

Areas of Practice

To learn about our areas of practice select one of the following to get started:

Personal Injury

Personal Injury Attorney

Railey & Railey has been successfully practicing in personal injury for over 40 years. This includes traffic accidents, hunting or boating accidents, slip-and-fall injuries, or injuries suffered from defective products. 


Traffic Violations

Traffic Attorney

Most people don’t understand all of their rights when involved in a traffic offense - whether they get a speeding ticket, are driving on a suspended or restricted license, to reckless driving and DUI/DWI.


Domestic Relations

Domestic Relations Attorney

Railey & Railey's experienced and effective representation in Domestic Relations cases covers a wide variety of practice areas including family law, divorce law, child custody, child support, and more.



Business and Commercial Cases

Business and Commercial Attorney

Railey & Railey's commercial legal practice ranges from business entity formation to contracts to patent and copyright work to secured paper and employee rights, to government contracting.



Game and Inland Fisheries Violations

Game and Wildlife Violations

Don't be the prey in hunting and fishing violations!  Hunting violations can carry some stiff penalties.  Just because you receive a citation does not mean that you were in the wrong.  


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