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Commercial Attorney
Commercial Attorney

Business and Commercial Law

Railey & Railey has been handling various types of business clients needs for many years. We have a great deal of experience with many types of corporate legal issues.

Basic Business Formation and Business Organization Law

We help our clients avoid costly mistakes in forming their businesses. You know your business; we know the law involving your business. Do you need a secured transaction or other type of commercial paper transaction?

Sole Proprietor, Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC)

We help you understand the best choice for your situation.  We are glad to interview you and help you decide the path that is best for your protection in the short term and long term.

Contract Law

Don’t let the online offers confuse you. Instead, turn to Railey & Railey for simple advice that will fit your business. We will give you the answers based on the right regulations to give you maximum protection.

Agribusiness Law

This is a highly specialized area of legal practice. Edward Railey, III has an undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech in Agribusiness and Economics. He offers valuable insights into legal requirements of Agribusiness Law.

Real Estate

There are multiple areas of real estate law from buying and closing on a residence to boundary disputes, use rights, easements, and access rights of ingress and egress. Railey & Railey has experience in each of these areas and more.

Protect your property rights and your assets with expert legal advice before trouble starts.  Request more information or Contact Us today!




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