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Personal Injury Attorney
Personal Injury Attorney

Railey & Railey understands the pain that people go through when they are injured because we have taken on - and won - so many personal injury cases over the years.

Client Desires Are First on Our List

What do people typically want? Peace of mind that their law firm can provide.

  1. A sense that life is back to normal after the injury
  2. Feeling better physically and mentally
  3. Confidence that you can take care of financial concerns again

Local People Delivering Great Results

Settling Cases in or Out of Court - We Handle Both

Our Courtland-based attorneys have the skills and experience to win your case. Our founder was elected as President of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association and passed down that legacy of excellence to the local family practice.

Your Rights

When you have suffered an injury due to someone else's fault, you have a right to be compensated for the injury by all negligent parties and their insurers. Railey & Railey takes every step necessary to protect your rights.

Our Position - We Believe in These Rules

To Railey & Railey every case is a serious case. However, we refuse to venture into making overly broad promises. Instead, we handle each case on its own merits.  Here is the actual requirement of the Virginia Bar Association:

The Virginia State Bar Association Rules of Professional Conduct Require that all attorneys make the following statement and disclaimer in regard to their case results:
The results of specific cases reported are not meant to be a prediction or guarantee of any other case. Each case depends on a variety of factors specific to that case.




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