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June 17, 2017
I am a professional truck driver of 20 years and always kept a clean driving record. However, in 2016 I was in a car accident (not in my rig) my car was totaled. It was dark at 6 am and had to cross a four lane to make a left turn from a side street. I was looking left to right and back again, then out of nowhere a car and my car collided. It was an automatic failure to yield. How did I fail to yield when I was stopped and looking and out of nowhere I collided with the other vehicle?? That's what the cop said and I was doomed to have this on my DMV record and my positive points taken off. My insurance lady said on my voicemail that the other guy saw me coming out but that I didn't see him (but he allowed himself to be in an accident??) made no sense so I decided to get a lawyer because of what the insurance lady said left on my voicemail. It took some months but these lawyers had that failure to yield dismissed. I was so happy and in disbelief because that's very hard to do but these guys did it for me! Yay! I recommend them and I'll use them again if I have any problems like that (which I hope to God I don't) in the future.
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